Azica seeks to portray the finest jazz and classical artists with something important to say. It strives to provide a sensitive and fertile environment in which they can best convey their message, while not being encumbered with constraints often inherent in traditional recording projects.
Every Azica product is crafted from the ground up, with artists, producers, and recording engineers working hand-in-hand towards establishing a unique identity for the project. The team begins by defining a singular sentiment, or "affect", that will hallmark the eventual CD, and permeate the session's creative atmosphere. Production and recording decisions, repertoire selection, and even choices concerning Azica's individually commissioned cover artworks are arrived at holistically by the group.
Using a palette of traditional jazz and classical recording techniques, Azica infuses the strengths of one genre into the other. It does not want to be known particularly for its "classical" sound or for its "jazz" sound. Its interest lies in the integrity of the "Azica" sound. The result? A fresh aural look at classical recording, with artists and staff collaborating, in a spirit of club-like intimacy, towards a spontaneity and sparkle that traditionally has been the domain of fine jazz recordings. Similarly, the technique of capturing the acoustical environment of classical performances is brought to the jazz realm to foster a real-life analog of the moment the music was conceived. Azica jazz puts the listener in the club.
Now in its fifth year, Azica continues to flourish with the conviction that it can be done differently. To the accompaniment of critical acclaim, Azica is reshaping the way people listen to music. Musicians and music lovers are hearing our sound and liking it. We know you will, too.


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