Pam Youngblood
Gabriel Bita

Sparkle & Wit


Pam Youngblood, flute
Gabriel Bita, piano

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Track Listing

1-4. 4 little Movements, op.1 by Blaž Pucihar

American Suite for flute and piano by Bruce Stark
5. Grampa’s Grin (hoe-down)
6. The Bird and the Canyon (dawn at the Grand Canyon)
7. Muse (desert near Phoenix, Arizona; glacial lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains; ocean at night, La Jolla, California)
8. Blue (Requiem)
9. Street Beats (New York City, a.m.)

10. Deviations on The Carnival of Venice by Mike Mower

Sonata for flute and piano by Pierre Max Dubois
11. Allegro
12. Recitativo; Andante nostalgico
13. Rondo

Pam Youngblood has a thirst for new works. While well-versed in the classic literature for flute, she enjoys exploring lesser known pieces by past masters as well as compositions by living composers. “I’m constantly seeking out music I haven’t seen or heard. My contact at the local flute store always alerts me when there’s new music available.”

In this second CD collaboration with pianist Gabriel Bita, Youngblood’s choices encompass music by composers from Slovenia, France, Britain, and the USA (the latter an American long resident in Japan). Though diverse in geographical origin, the four works share eclectic styles, wit, and a vibrant approach to the flute/piano combination. “During the rehearsal process, and with each performance, we discovered more layers in each work,” says Youngblood. “That led to a deeper sense of what’s there, both structurally and emotionally.”

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