Sammy DeLeon Y Su Orquesta

Con Salsa Y Sabor!


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Track Listing

1. Contigo Y Sin Tí
written by Amil Nazario
arranged by Andy Hunter & Sammy DeLeon

2. Mujeres  Audio Sample
written by Elmer Arocho
arranged by Elmer Arocho & Tony Delgado
Wilson Cintron, rap solo – Andy Hunter, trombone
3. Amor Sin Límité
written by Amil Nazario
arranged by Jackie Warren

4. Aúscencia
written by Willie Colón & Hector Lavoe 
arranged by Andy Hunter & Jackie Warren
Jason Vieaux, guitar – Jackie Warren, piano
5. Baila Que Baila
written by Oidio Guerra & Thomas Martinez
arranged by Luis Perico Ortiz
Joe Miller, trumpet
6. No Se Tú
written by Armando Manzanero
arranged by Victor M. Romero

7. Canción Para Mi Madre
written by Andy Hunter
arranged by Andy Hunter
Kenny Anderson, alto saxophone
Rafael Guzman, congas & batas – Andy Hunter, trombone
8. Mala Suerte
written by Harold Alvarado & Sammy DeLeon
arranged by Kenny Anderson & Sammy DeLeon

Musicians / Músicos:

Sammy DeLeon
Band Leader/Musical Director/Timbalero/Backround Vocals

Lead Vocals / Vocales:
Amil Nazario
Papo Ruiz
Miguel (Mikey) DeLeon

Background Vocals/Vocales:
Sammy DeLeon
Cheo Hernandez
Miguel (Mikey) DeLeon
Wilson Cintrón – rap solo

Percussion / Percusión:
Timbales: Sammy DeLeon
Congas & Batas: Rafael Guzman
Bongos: Roberto Torres
Minor Percussion / Percusión Menor: Nelson Orta

Rhythm / Ritmo:
Bass / Bajo: Elmer Arocho
Piano: Jackie Warren
Guitar / Guitarra: Jason Vieaux

Lead Trumpet / 1ra Trumpeta: Joe Miller
2nd Trumet / 2da Trumpeta: Michael Reavey
Trombone: Andy Hunter
Saxophone, Alto & Tenor: Kenny Anderson
Saxophone, Tenor: Chris Burge
Saxophone, Tenor & Baritone / Barítono: Dick Ingersoll


Band Leader and timbalero Sammy DeLeon has been making Clevelanders move and groove in dance clubs since the mid 1980s, first with the popular Impacto Nuevo and for the last six years in front of his own band. Now he’ll be making those who stay home get off the couch, too. As this debut record of hot salsa tracks and cool love ballads proves, you can’t sit still when Sammy’s playing, especially on the snaking “Contigo Y Sin Ti,” written by DeLeon’s lead singer Amil Nazario, and the Cuban dance classic “Baila Que Baila.” The playing and production are stellar throughout; if it weren’t for the address on the CD package, you’d never guess this release was local.

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