Opus Two
Souvenirs: The Music of Paul Schoenfield


William Terwilliger, violin
Andrew Cooperstock, piano
(formerly the Terwilliger-Cooperstock Duo)

Track Listing

Four Souvenirs (1990)
1. Samba
2. Tango
3. Tin Pan Alley
4. Square Dance

Partita for Violin and Piano (2002)
5. Overture
6. Minuet
7. Rondeau
8. Prelude
9. Fughetta
10. Nigun
11. Sinfonia

Three Country Fiddle Pieces, for Electric Violin, Percussion, and Amplified Piano (1979)
12. Who Let the Cat Out Last Night?
13. Pining for Betsy
14. En Ciudad Juarez

Café Music (1987)
15. Allegro
16. Rubato. Andante moderato
17. Presto


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Souvenirs: The Music of Paul Schoenfield”

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