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Aubade - Karel Paukert

Pipe organ Music by Ohio Composers
Karel Paukert, Organ


Four Chorale Preludes
by Marilyn Shrude

With (Etude No. 1)
by Larry Baker

In Praise of Bach
by Samuel Adler

Meditation on
"What Wondrous Love Is This?"
by James Primosch

by Danald Erb

by Monica Houghton

Inaugural Fantasia Audio Sample
by Klaus George Roy

Albion II
by Greg D'Alessio

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Organ Music From Prague - Karel Paukert

Organ Music form Prague
Karel Paukert, Organ


Antonin Dvorak
Preludes and Fugues

Josef Bohuslav Foerster
Fantasy in C major

Leos Janacek
Postludium ( from Glagolitic Mass)

Josef Klicka
Legend in D major

Vitezslav Novak
Prelude on a Walachian Love Song

Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann
Toccata and Fugue in F minor

Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann
Lullaby for Mita Audio Sample

Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann
Prelude on "Wanting that He Would Sleep"

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Karel Paukert - Organ

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Noëls - Karel Paukert
Karel Paukert - Organ

The Cleveland Museum Of Art

  1. Michaut qui causoit ce grand bruit, Jean-Francois Dandrieu (c. 1682-1738) 1:26 Audio Sample
  2. Tous les Bourgeois de Chatres, Dandrieu 1:34
  3. Noël étranger, Louis-Claude Daquin (1694-1772) 2:58
  4. Noël en musette, Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier (1734-1794) 1:30
  5. Tambourin sur un noël provencale, Michael Corrette (1707-1795) 1:04
  6. La Nativité, Jean Langlais (1907-1991) 6:05
  7. Joseph est bien marié, Claude-Bénigne Balbastre (1727-1799) 4:47
  8. Pastorale, Giuseppe Carcani (1703-1779) 5:59
  9. Pastorella, Frantisek Xavier Brixi (1732-1771) 3:30
  10. Chorale Prelude on "Chtic aby spal," Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann (1883-1951) 6:14
  11. Toccata (Pastorell) in D major, Josef Seger (1716-1782) 2:00
  12. Fugue in G major, Seger 1:46
  13. Adeste Fidelis (sic), Charles Ives (1874-1954) 4:10
  14. Chorale Prelude on "Silent Night" from Die Natali, OP. 37, Samuel Barber (1910-1981) 3:02
    Pastorale in F major, BMV 590, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  15. I. 2:19
  16. II. 3:17
  17. III. 3:12
  18. IV. 4:18
    Total Duration 59:11

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