Shakespeare's Songbook

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Shakespeare's Songbook Volumes 1 & 2
Volume's 1 & 2

The Complete Collection of Ballads, Rounds, Ayres & other Songs from
the plays of William Shakespeare

160 Songs featuring:

Sopranos - Ellen Hargis & Custer LaRue
Mezzo-Soprano - Judith Malafonte
Tenors - Paul Elliott, William Hite & Aaron Sheehan
Lute, Cittern & Renaissance Guitar - Paul O'Dette

Shakespeare lovers have long lamented that few songs in his plays survive with original music: of about sixty song lyrics, only a handful exist in musical settings.  In addition, Shakespeare quotes fragments of about thirty other songs and alludes to another sixty by citing a title, character, or refrain. Shakespeare's Songbook (W.W.
Norton, 2004) and this companion CD set assemble this entire repertoire of songs, including ballads and rounds, that Shakespeare knew and used in his plays.

This collection fills a long-felt need for Shakespeare enthusiasts.

No such collection has ever before been compiled!

What Shall He Have?Audio Sample

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