Holly Hofmann
Bill Cunliffe

Just Duet Vol. 2


Holly Hofmann, flute

Bill Cunliffe, piano

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Track Listing

1. Chucho (Bill Cunliffe)

2. Winter from the Four Seasons (Antonio Vivaldi)

3. My Romance (Rodgers & Hart)

4. Solfeggietto (C.P.E. Bach)

5. M.ore I.ngenious K.inetic E.nergy (Holly Hofmann)

6. Black Bottom Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton) Audio Sample

7. One Note Samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

8. If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron/Carl Sigman)

9. Bone Crusher (Bill Cunliffe)

10. On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring (Frederick Delius)

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