Jennifer Leitham
Jimmy Bruno

Two for the Road


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Track Listing

1. Nostalgia In Times Square

Charles Mingus

2. Manege

Bernard Peiffer

3. Jumpin’ At The Woodsid
Count Basie

4. The Left Handed Blues

Jennifer Leitham

5. Out of This World

H. Arlen, J. Mercer

6. Born To Be Blue

M. Torme, R. Wells

7. Ornithology

B. Harris, C. Parker

8. Alone Together

H. Dietz, A. Schwartz

9. Two for the Road

H. Mancini, L. Bricusse

10. Three In One

Thad Jones

11. Isn’t It Romantic

R. Rogers, L. Hart

12. Bernie’s Tune

Bernie Miller

Jennifer Leitham, bass
Jimmy Bruno, guitar

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