Linden String Quartet


Music for String Quartet

The Chickasaw Nation
Young Composers Recording Project

Track Listing

1. “Caffeine Smile” by Katie Barrick
2. “Circus Revolution” by Miko Begaye
3. “Finally Beautiful” by Aubrey Halford
4. “Not For the Faint of Heart” by Katie Barrick
5. “Triangular Doorknobs of San Francisco” by Dylan Bennett
6. “Qwoplets” by Ryan May
7. “Strength & Honor” by Me-way-seh Greenwood
8. “Lullaby 1” by De’Jean Clement

“Infinity Pool” by Wyatt Coe
9. Marching
10. The Warlordz Waltz
11. Oblivious

12. “For String Quartet” by Ryan May
13. “The Fiddler’s Revenge” by Mikayla Hollis
14. “Merody” by Maren Gillet

“Music Box” by Victoria Murray
15. Music Box
16. Day is Too Short
17. Midnight Mewzik

18. “Heavy Rhapsody” by Mikayla Hollis
19. “Identity Crisis” by Savannah Smith
20. “Le Long du Littoral” by Alene Tharp
21. “Frozen” by Dylan Bennett
22. “The End of the Beginning” by Amanda Shackleford

Tobachi is a collection of string quartets written by students from the Chickasaw Nation. These pieces, classical in instrumentation, are written by young students, but deliver an emotional impact far beyond their years. A unique perspective on life in 2013 makes for a compelling listen.

The Chickasaw Nation is committed to developing a strong artistic confluence of American Indian culture and the fine arts, including music, visual art, dance, and other creative art forms. This record is evidence of this strong commitment, the value they place on their culture, and their desire for the international community to be exposed to their culture.

The Linden Quartet, 2009 Fischoff Competition Gold Medalist, performs these quartets with grace and eloquence as well as spirit and drive, in a manner that directly reflects the wishes of the composers. Each composer was present at the recording session, and the interaction between the Linden Quartet and the composer ensured that each piece was captured and performed exactly as the composer wished.

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