Music for String Quartet


works by
Chickasaw Student Composers

Cornelius Dufallo, violin
Mary Rowell, violin
Ralph Farris, viola
Dorothy Lawson, cello

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Track Listing

1. Fantasia by Joseph Cruise Berry [5:37]
2. Here’s the Hurt by Katelyn Duty [4:41]
3. Yeah … I Hit Like a Girl by Amanda Shackleford [1:56]
4. Holhchifo Ki’yo by Dylan Bennett [3:55]
5. Concerto for Strings by John McAlester [7:19]
6. Lullaby by Aubrey Halford [2:09]
?. Enough by Courtney Parchcorn [2:11]
8. lnnominate by Johnathan Bombay [4:43]
9. Solo by Ryan May [4:16]
10. Lucky’s Charm by Johnathan Bombay [2:37]
11. The Devil’s Advocate by Katie Barrick [4:45]
12. Stages by Aubrey Halford [3:45]
13. The Seven Seas by Dylan Bennett [2:55]
14. The River of Our Times by Amanda Shackleford [6:27]
15. Innocence by Courtney Parchcorn [4:16]
16. Sigur by Stasen Whitehead [3:23]

Acclaimed as America’s premier postclassical string quartet, ETHEL boldly infuses contemporary concert music with fierce intensity, questioning the boundaries between performer and audience, tradition and technology. Formed in 1998, New York’s ebullient ETHEL is comprised of Juilliard-trained performers Cornelius Dufallo (violin), Ralph Farris (viola), Dorothy Lawson (cello) and Mary Rowell (violin).

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