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Attracting Opposites: New Music for Piano Trio

by Rawlins Piano Trio

Track Listing & Credits

0.1Piano Trio No. 2

0.2Opposites Attract: I. Alpha Meets Omega (Calm and Mysterious)

0.3Opposites Attract: II. Dance of the Yin-Yang (Spirited)

0.43 Poems of William Butler Yeats: 1. The Wild Swans at Coole

0.53 Poems of William Butler Yeats: 2. The Lake Isle of Innisfree

0.63 Poems of William Butler Yeats: 3. The Cat and the Moon

0.7Songs of Light and Darkness: I. Dark Night of the Soul

0.8Songs of Light and Darkness: II. Mountaintop Light

0.9Songs of Light and Darkness: Ill. Light on a Calm Sea - Lux perpetua

1.0Songs of Light and Darkness: IV. Dark Clouds, Sunrays Sparkling on Water

1.1Julian Trio: I. All Shall Be Well

1.2Julian Trio: II. All Love Unbounded