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Working with Alan Bise was a great experience. We have worked on both orchestral music and chamber music, so I’ve had a chance to see his knowledge play out in varying scenarios. His cool head, great ear, and recording expertise made it possible to share my music with audiences beyond the concert hall. I couldn’t be more pleased. – Jennifer Higdon

Alan is truly a master of his craft and there is no one we trust more to capture our ideal string quartet sound. As a producer Alan knows how to get from us what he knows we want while we are recording, and as an engineer he is able to make magic happen. After having such a wonderful working relationship through at least six albums we can’t recommend him highly enough. – Attacca Quartet

“Alan has a special ability to draw great playing out of a performer. He settles us down during the otherwise-stressful recording sessions and allows us to feel free rather than inhibited. This, along with their sharp ears and beautiful aesthetic of sound and music is why I continue to record with them time after time!” – Soovin Kim, violin

“Working with Alan Bise was such a rewarding experience. His calm and collected attitude was just the perfect medicine we needed during recording. His impeccable attention to detail, balance, sound textures was always apparent and we always felt like we were being taken care of. We look forward to working with Alan this coming summer on our next album!” – Verona Quartet

“Working with Alan Bise at Azica Records is absolutely a dream scenario! He creates a beautiful, intimate and real sound in everything he produces. Not only do I fully trust Alan’s musical instincts and fantastic ear, but his presence is calming and encouraging—exactly what I need to feel the most comfortable and the most like myself when making a recording.” — Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt

Alan Bise is hands down the best quartet producer out there right now. His attention to detail, demeanor, musical and technical knowledge make an otherwise stressful and strenuous time enjoyable and collaborative. We have complete trust in the process and finished product, and cannot think of a better person to share our recording journey with. – Catalyst Quartet

“From beginning to end, working with Azica was a total artistic experience. For composer and orchestra, the recording session was none other than stellar. Ultimately, the sound Azica produced allowed me to present my compositions to the world with great confidence.” – Jerod Tate, composer

“I can’t imagine on my recordings with anyone better than Bruce and Alan. Alan runs the session with amazing patience and care, along with timely comments and analysis. I feel as though their professionalism and artistry have had a significant impact on my career.” – Jason Vieaux, classical guitar

“Despite their virtuosity, the players never let the intimacy of the music get lost. The ensemble is unanimous, the balance perfect; the transitions are poised, the liberties just right.” – Strings Magazine

“This is a popular work, with several excellent recordings available. You may have your favorites, but this is as fine as you’re likely to hear. The Azica recording has excellent sound and is one of the finest chamber music recordings I’ve encountered in recent years.” – American Record Guide

“I loved every minute of this fine release. It’s accomplished, sophisticated, and filled with the sheer joy of music-making.” – American Record Guide

“I’ve been recording for Azica for over a decade. Alan Bise’s superb ears, professional experience and easygoing, relaxed demeanor make him one of the best producers in the business” – David Leisner, classical guitar

“Alan Bise has bionic ears and great taste. He is also unfailingly positive and supportive, and his memory is great for edits. Alan is the best record producer I know.” – Gary Schocker, flute

“They sound as if they’ve been playing together for years, their sense of ensemble, interplay and balance reaching near-telepathic proportions…it is downright miraculous” – The Harp Column

“The clarity and spotless articulation of the sisters´ string playing is striking even under pressure in the explosive concluding section. The trio´s airtight ensemble and natural pacing show a firm grasp of Ravel´s structure and style, with the ensuing Pantoum tossed off with the right lightly tripping vivacity. . . their spacious eloquent playing is faultless, with hushed, evocative keyboard work by Elvekjaer at the coda. The performance is rounded off with a sparkling and energized Anime, blending polish and fizzing energy in fine order . . . the Ravel and Bloch performances can compete with the best available.” – Gramophone Magazine

“One of the greatest performances of chamber music I´ve ever encountered . . . Let´s get the basics out of the way. Balance, ensemble, intonation are all perfect. They play with perfect unanimity, and each is a solid virtuoso. What stands out from this ensemble is the range of tone and sound . . . They command an amazing range of timbres. They are revelatory.” – American Record Guide

“The balance between bassoon and piano is perfect, with each instrument so skillfully recorded that one has the feeling that both artists are sitting right next to you! One can hear every nuance, character and quality of both instruments, and what one hears is two fine artists performing to perfection! Bravos all around!!!” – The Double Reed

“Overall, I think this is the best recording I’ve ever done- the energy and the spontaneity are just amazing! Bravo, for getting such terrific results musically, and also with the quality of the audio itself!” – Hugh Sung, piano

“In Alan Bise, I have found the most ideal of engineers for mixing and mastering (and even recording) projects for nuscope recordings. First, I place Alan in a league with such engineers as Jan-Erik Kongshaug, Peter Pfister, James Farber, and Rich Breen, all very respected for the style of music found on the nuscope label. Alan has fantastic ears and immense technical facility. His attention to detail is phenomenal! On a personal level, he is a very trusting person and an excellent communicator–two facets that help strengthen a solid working relationship. I hope to continue to work with Alan for some time to come.” – Russell Summers/nuscope recordings

“Alan Bise is the person you want to record a string quartet. On top of having some of the best ears in the business, Alan is a pleasure to work with, has a deep respect for string-playing and audio-engineering tradition, and assiduously makes sure you feel you are doing your best. Working with Alan is like playing for a close friend who holds you to an impeccable standard, all the while keeping you in a warm sonic embrace.” – Dominic Salerni, Attacca Quartet

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