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Ernst Bacon: The Complete Works for Classical Guitar

by Bradley Colten

Track Listing & Credits

0.1Four Pieces for Guitar: Parting

0.2Four Pieces for Guitar: Fulfillment

0.3Four Pieces for Guitar: Quiet Hallelujah

0.4Four Pieces for Guitar: The Morning Star


0.6Nuka, for Guitar

0.7Coon Hollow

0.8Two Cambiataria: Moderato

0.9Two Cambiataria: Comodo

1.0Three Canons: A Christmas Canon

1.1Three Canons: Anniversary Canon

1.2Three Canons: Marini

1.3Just Wondering

1.4The Erie Canal

1.5Bothin Street



1.8Two Pieces: Anything

1.9Two Pieces: A Walk In The Hills