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Painted Music

by Quatra Duo

Track Listing & Credits

0.1Suite for Flute & Guitar: I. Allegro

0.2Suite for Flute & Guitar: II. Lento

0.3Suite for Flute & Guitar: III. Festive

0.4Suite for Flute & Guitar: IV. Dance

0.5Suite for Flute & Guitar: V. Lullaby

0.6Suite for Flute & Guitar: VI. Allegretto - Finale

0.7Painted Music: I. Senecio - Toccata

0.8Painted Music: II. Strong Dream - Nocturne

0.9Painted Music: III. Fish Magic - Scherzo

1.0Painted Music: IV. Ancient Harmony - Passacaglia

1.1Painted Music: V. Bird Garden - Bagatelle

1.2Painted Music: VI. Death & Fire - Finale

1.3Fish Tale

1.4From the Dreaming: I. Cave Painting

1.5From the Dreaming: II. Wildflower

1.6From the Dreaming: III. Gecko