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Shakespeare’s Songbook Volumes I & II

by Paul O'Dette, Paul Elliott, Ellen Hargis, Aaron Sheehan, William Hite, Custer Larue, Ross W. Duffin & Judith Malafronte

Track Listing & Credits

0.1Ah Robin (round)

0.2And Let Me the Cannikin Clink

0.3And Will He Not Come Again

0.4Be Merry, Be Merry

0.5Black Spirits

0.6Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

0.7Bonny Sweet Robin

0.8But Shall I Go Mourn

0.9Can'st thou not Hit it

1.0Come Away, Come Away

1.1Come Away, Hecate

1.2Come Live with Me

1.3Come o'er the Burn Bessy

1.4Come Thou Monarch (version 2) (round)

1.5Come Unto These Yellow Sands

1.6A Cup of Wine (version 2) (round)

1.7Farewell, Dear Heart

1.8Fathers That Wear Rags

1.9Fear No More

2.0Fie on Sinful Fantasy

2.1Fill the Cup (round)

2.2Flout 'em and Cout 'em (round)

2.3Fools Had Ne'er Less Grace

2.4For I'll Cut My Green Coat

2.5The Friar and the Nun

2.6Full Fathom Five

2.7The George Alow (version 1)

2.8Get You Hence

2.9The God of Love

3.0Hark, Hark, the Lark

3.1Have I Caught my Heavenly Jewel

3.2Heart's Ease

3.3Hold Thy Peace (version 2) (round)

3.4Honor, Riches, Marriage, Blessing

3.5I Am Gone Sir

3.6I Loathe That I Did Love

3.7It Was a Lover and His Lass

3.8Jepha, Judge of Israel

3.9Jog On

4.0Jolly Shepherd (round)

4.1King Stephen Was a Worthy Peer

4.2Lawn as White as Driven Snow

4.3Love, Love, Nothing but Love (version 2)

4.4The Master, The Swabber (version 2)

4.5No More Dams I'll Make for Fish

4.6An Old Hare Hoar (version 1)

4.7O Mistress Mine (version 1)

4.8Orpheus with His Lute

4.9O Sweet Oliver

5.0Pardon, Goddess of the Night

5.1Roses Their Sharp Spines

5.2Sigh No More, Ladies

5.3Some Men for Sudden Joy (version 1)

5.4Take, O Take Those Lips Away

5.5Tell Me, Where Is Fancy Bred

5.6That Sir, Which Serves

5.7There Dwelt a Man in Babylon (version 1)

5.8There Was Three Fools

5.9Three Merry Men (round)

6.0Tomorrow Is St. Valentine's Day

6.1Under the Greenwood Tree

6.2Up and Down (round)

6.3Urns and Odours


6.5Was This Fair Face

6.6Wedding Is Great Juno's Crown

6.7What Shall He Have (round)

6.8When Arthur First in Court

6.9When Daffodils Begin to Peer

7.0When Daisies Pied

7.1When Griping Grief

7.2When Icicles Hang by the Wall

7.3When that I Was

7.4Where the Bee Sucks

7.5While You Here Do Snoring Lie

7.6Who Is Silvia

7.7Why Let the Strucken Deer

7.8Willow, Willow (version 1)

7.9Will You Buy Any Tape?

8.0The Woosel Cock

8.1You Spotted Snakes

8.2Awake, Awake

8.3Battle of Agincourt

8.4Bride's Goodmorrow



8.7Carman's Whitle

8.8Chi Passa

8.9Come Kiss Me, Kate (round)

9.0Come Thou Monarch (version 1)

9.1Cup of Wine (version 1)



9.4Diana (2 versions)




9.8Fortune My Foe

9.9George Alow (version 2)

10.0Glass Doth Run


10.2Go from My Window

10.3Greensleeves (2 versions)

10.4Guy of Warwick

10.5Hem Boys (2 versions)

10.6Hey Ho for a Husband (2 versions)


10.8Hold Thy Peace (versions 1 & 3)

10.9Hunt's Up

11.0I Cannot Come Every Day (2 versions)

11.1In Crete

11.2In Peascod Time

11.3Jack Boy (round)

11.4King Cophetua

11.5King Lear

11.6King Solomon

11.7Light o Love

11.8Loath to Depart (2 versions)

11.9Love, Love (version 1)

12.0Master, Swabber (version 1)

12.1Mounsier Mingo

12.2Mounsieur's Almaine

12.3My Mind to Me

12.4Nutmegs (Of all the birds)

12.5Nutmegs (Wooing of the Baker's Daughter)

12.6O Death (2 versions)

12.7Old Have Hoar (version 2)

12.8O Mistress Mine (version 2)

12.9O' the Twelfth Day of December

13.0Oyster Pie

13.1Peg a Ramsey (2 versions)

13.2Phillida (3 versions)

13.3Please One


13.5Queen Dido (2 versions)


13.7Rich Jew

13.8Robin Goodfellow

13.9Robin Hood



14.2Sellenger's Round

14.3Shore's Wife (2 versions)

14.4Sick, Sick (3 versions)

14.5Some Men for Sudden Joy (round)

14.6There Dwelt a Man (version 2)

14.7Titus Andronicus

14.8Tom a Bedlam (2 versions)


15.0Troy Town


15.2Whenas We Sat in Babylon

15.3Where is the Life


15.5Why Let Strucken (If care do cause)

15.6Willow, Willow (version 2)

15.7Will ye Buy a Fine Dog

15.8With a Fading