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With Malice Toward None

by Apollo Chamber Players

Track Listing & Credits

0.1With Malice Toward None

0.2The Unraveling: I. Joni

0.3The Unraveling: II. Lord I'm One

0.4The Unraveling: III. Travis

0.5The Unraveling: IV. Microbus

0.6What is the Word: "What is the Word" (poem)

0.7What is the Word: I. Extroverted

0.8What is the Word: II. Edgy

0.9What is the Word: III: Mercurial

1.0What is the Word: IV. Noble

1.1What is the Word: V. Very Fast

1.2What is the Word: VI. Euphoric

1.3Themes of Armenian Folksongs: Festive Song

1.4Themes of Armenian Folksongs: The Crane

1.5Themes of Armenian Folksongs: Echmiadzin Dance

1.6We Will Sing One Song