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Yes… It’s Still A Thing!

by Duo Sequenza

Track Listing & Credits

0.1I. In the Mind Field

0.2Il. Anxieties

0.3Ill. Dreams of Freedom

0.4IV. Escape Attempt

0.5I. Improvised

0.6Il. Pensieroso

0.7Ill. Friendly Ghost, Mostly

0.8No. 1, Pensive

0.9No. 2, Passionate

1.0No. 3, Nostalgic

1.1No. 4, Reflective - Determined

1.2Farlorn Alemen (Arr. for Flute & Guitar)


1.4No. 1, Andante

1.5No. 2, Allegro vivace

1.6No. 3, Andante

1.7No. 4, Giocoso

1.8The Drunken Friar from "Medieval Suite"