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Telegraph’s “Divergent Paths” Praised by The New York Times

The Telegraph Quartet’s newest album, Divergent Paths, was praised in the August 31 New York Times article, “5 Classical Music Albums You Can Listen to Right Now.”

“Emphasizing the historical point, however, should not obscure the straightforward musical values of “Divergent Paths.” The world may not be in compelling need of another recording of the Ravel, though the Telegraph’s is full of elegance and pinpoint control. But in the Schoenberg, they achieve something truly special, meticulously guiding its often wayward progress. At times Schoenberg makes the four strings sound almost orchestral, but the Telegraph players can also make his contrapuntal tangles radiantly clear. Every minute of their account sounds gripping and purposeful, which is one of the highest compliments you can pay the piece.”